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IT Consultant in New York City

Are you an individual, a business owner, or an entire company in need of an IT consultation or support in New York City? If so, Tech And Design is here for you. We are here to help you better understand the technicalities of the information technology universe and also to give you advice on what to do in this ever-changing world. We can also assist you in understanding new technologies and how you can implement them in your business or personal life. Get in touch, book an appointment today.

Our Mission

We understand our jobs and measure our success based on delivering
the outcomes our customers need, driven to get things done and done

We find innovative solutions to our customers'
challenges,  treating each other with dignity, and recognize the
capacity of every individual to contribute to our success.
We behave ethically, we only promise what we can deliver, and  proactively communicate good and bad news. 

Our Consultants

Our goal is to consistently ensure our clients are always satisfied with our consultation and are able to get what they need out of their information technology systems. In order to do achieve this, 

we have made sure that our team and staff is composed of only trained IT professionals that are skilled and vast in the information technology
industry. In addition, our team and staff also understand how to relate well with our clients in order to provide the best consultation services
to everyone accordingly. 

Accelerate IT
Deliver new services faster with better quality. Business management software
solutions help optimize your portfolio and they respond quickly to dynamically shifting organizational needs.

Transform IT
Free up resources, budget, and capacity with solutions that help automate your small business end-to-end IT environment, so you can better reduce delivery costs, improve service quality.  

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